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2004 Mustang GTR Favorite Concept

When it comes to the Ford Mustang, I love just about every year ever made. But the one Mustang that I like is the 2004 Mustang GTR concept. First off, it's just a one of a kind Mustang, there's nothing like it. Everything from it's custom hood, spoiler, grille, wheels, and side pipes. The car is unreal, when Ford built they meant to impress, and they did just that.

But why oh why didn't they come out with the beautiful car? I guess they have their reasons, but man I would of like to see it hit the streets. I did however see the exact same model at local car show: The Harper Cruise in Michigan. I wish I would of had a chance to sit in it, but just seeing it up close in person was enough, the Mustang was just beautiful. It would of been just cool to see Ford come out with some of the Mustang parts on it, like the custom headlights and grille. Maybe even the cool double decker spoiler too!

Latest news about the 2004 Mustang GTR concept is that it went up fro sale at the Sports and Classics Monterey auction block a few months ago. I'm still trying to find out what the custom went for, some say it would of got a bid between the $250k - $350k range. I wouldn't be surprised if it got bigger. Whoever bought it is a lucky car owner, I would give my right arm for the sweet Mustang, j/k!