Mustang Exhaust

Borg Warner Turbo on 2011 Mustang 5.0L

The new 2011 Mustang GT produces some serious amount of horsepower naturally aspirated, since Ford decided to give it a new 5.0L engine. 412 horsepower to be precise, but with a Borg Warner 72mm S400 Turbo, how does 530 horsepower sound? Pretty amazing right, the turbo could help the Mustang dip into the 11s maybe in the 1/4 mile. Because remember the Mustang can go 12.6 seconds stock. Here's a picture of the clean Borg Warner turbo setup, using 304 stainless steel tubing and running 6-7psi. Definitely a great modification to do to for the new 2011 Mustang GT.