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Laguna Seca Package for Boss Mustang

I guess it wasn't enough to bring back the Boss Mustang, Ford is upping the game with the Laguna Seca package for the 2012 Boss 302 Mustang. The package was made to commemorate the legendary win by Parnelli Jones with his Boss 302 Mustang back at the 1970 Trans-Am series opener.

The enhancements aren't under the hood, but underneath the Mustang instead. Featuring a better suspension, lightweights 19 inch alloy racing wheels, and R-compound ultra high profile tire. This package is to allow hardcore racers to take the Boss 302 Mustang right to the track. Hopefully the Laguna Seca package will perform quite well, knowing Ford I'm sure it will! Here's a great picture of the bad ass Boss 302 Mustang.