Mustang Exhaust

M81 McLaren Mustang

This has to be the rarest of rare Mustangs in the automotive world. I actually wonder to date how much a mint M81 McLaren Mustang would go for. Ford originally wanted to build 250 of these Mustangs, but 10 McLaren Mustangs were ever built.

What makes the McLaren Mustang so much different than other Mustangs is it uses a 2.3 liter 4 cylinder that is turbocharged. Other oddities was a grille-less nose above a low spoiler, functional hood scoops, and IMSA styled fender flares. Inside the McLaren Mustang even had a built in SCCA roll bar.

The output of the M81 McLaren Mustang was rated 175 horsepower at 10 psi. There was actually a variable boost control inside that had a range of 5-11 psi. So the question still stands, how much is one of these 1980's Mustangs worth?