Mustang Exhaust

2009 FR500CJ Cobra Jet Prototype

Just a bitchin' Mustang by Ford Racing, the FR500CJ Cobra Jet Prototype was built for one thing, drag racing at the strip. The first Cobra Jet Mustang was built to be sold at Barrett-Jackson auction, the Mustang sold for $375k.

Classic Mustang Two Tone Paint Job

This is just a gorgeous picture of a two tone classic Mustang. The cool paint job on this muscle car includes both silver and blue colors. I really love the custom wheels on the classic Mustang as well, I love the new modern age Mustangs, but I just love the classic Ford Mustangs even more. And to top it off, a classic Mustang needs a hood scoop.

Saleen Molly Pop Mustang

Steve Saleen built this pink custom Saleen Mustang for his daughter Molly, they have nicknamed the muscle car Molly Pop Mustang. And it looks just like a lolly pop, like you want to go up to the Mustang and lick it. The pink is just so luscious looking! Steve Saleen also added a supercharger to the Mustang for a 475 horsepower upgrade. Although the Molly Pop doesn't have the full Extreme 550 horsepower rating, it still is quite enough horsepower for a young lady. Other great enhancements and modifications include 20" forged 5 spoke wheels, carbon fiber front splitter, and shorter gearing. Although the Saleen Molly Pop Mustang looks quite girly like, it still packs a punch compared to any other muscle car or exotic sports car. Do not underestimage the Molly Pop Mustang!

1999 Mustang FR500 Concept

This was without a doubt one of the ugliest Ford Mustang concepts. Everything else from the side and back looked good, but the front just looked but ugly. The concept was based off of the SN-95 platform, which I very so much like. It's just the front of this car that really sets me off. The FR500 Mustang concept was primarily built to show first hand what Ford Racing could do with 4.6 liter modular engine back in the 90s. The outcome was pretty good, the engine made a round 400 horsepower and the FR500 Mustang could go 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds. Dan Davis challenged his engineers to “create the ultimate high-performance Mustang,” while creating a showcase for current and future products available through the Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog.

Picture of Custom Ford Mustang

I was just blow away by the elegance of this custom Ford Mustang. I'm not quite sure what type of Mustang this really is, I think it's the 2003 Mustang concept that was shown at the North American Auto show. It was to be built in 2005! But what makes this Mustang different then the 2003 Mustang concept is the wheels and brake calipers, those weren't the brakes and wheel shown on the Mustang concept. It sure looks better than the Mustang concept that is for sure! It kind of reminds me of the Lee Iacocca Mustang.

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Picture

This is just a gorgeous picture of a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429. This is one of my favorite muscle cars to date, when Ford made this Mustang they raised the bar. Everything on the Boss 429 is perfect, I love the hood scoop, the side scoops on the quarter panel, the stock grille, and the gleaming black paint job. I just love the old classic Ford Mustangs. I wonder what this Boss 429 Mustang would look in red, I'm a big red paint fan. Red has always brought out the curves and lines of the Ford Mustang. Black still is pretty sharp though!

Mustang Giugiaro Concept Pictures

One of the coolest Mustang concepts to ever come out was done by Italian designer Fabrizio Giugiaro. At one point car enthusiasts were so obsessed with the Mustang, word got around that Ford was actually going to build the same car, just as Fabrizio designed it. The truth was that the concept was just said to show some aspects that might be in the next generation Mustang. But it would of been really cool to see a futuristic Mustang like this out on the street, maybe one day Ford will build a Mustang like this that uses the similiar lines and curves Fabrizio Giugiaro used to make this Mustang. One thing for sure is it's wicked looking.

Obsidian SG-One Mustang Pictures

Checkout this cool picture of this one of a kind Mustang dubbed the Obsidian SG-One Mustang. For a few minutes I was looking around on the internet who built the beast, then finally stumbled across a website that stated CoupeR Design was responsible for building this beautiful Mustang you see before you. What makes the Obsidian SG-One Mustang so unique is first of course the fact that there will only be one produced, but mostly because the twin superchargers and intercoolers used to power the 392 stroker engine. The custom Mustang is making around 900 horsepower to the rear wheels, one word "wow!" The Obsidian SG-One is said to be worth around 1.3 million dollars, not a drop in the bucket ehh? Gonna have to reach deep into your pockets to buy this baby!

Mustang Wagon Concept

Now wouldn't it be cool for Ford to come out with a Mustang wagon? Back in the day Ford actually did have a Mustang Wagon, back in the 60s to be precise. But it didn't last long in production, I guess it's because it didn't catch on with customers. One thing is for sure now, times have change and a wagon style Ford Mustang might be what some automotive customers are looking for. Being able to take there kids to school and still having performance at their finger tips. Nothing is for certain though, but I bet it's been lurking around in Ford's CEO heads. One of the German automotive magazines actually came up with a rendering of a Mustang wagon if it ever came out, up above is the picture of it, the German automotive magazine was Automotorundsport.

Talking about Ford Mustangs

You know it's funny, some days I wake up not wanting to talk about anything, while other days I'm just filled with all sorts of cool ideas and questions. For instance today, I just feel I could write about anything. I guess it really just depends what side of the bed you wake up on! Writing is one fun hobby though, I could just talk about Ford Mustangs for ever. And race'em too, I guess that's what the car hobby is all about. Talking about cars with your friends!