Mustang Exhaust

Hot Pink S197 Mustang

Great photo of this hot pink S197 Ford Mustang, never seen a pink paint job like this before. The pink Mustang looks great too with the custom wheels, one of the best looking pink Mustangs I have ever seen.

Fox Body Mustang Wheelie

Checkout this cool Fox Body Mustang wheelie, this Mustang is lifting at least a foot off the ground. It's amazing how powerful you can get these Fox Body Mustangs to go, it's definitely still the best bang for your buck. I just never liked having cookie cutter wheelies in the front, that look is so 90s.

Boss Mustang Concept

Not sure where this Boss Mustang picture came from, don't know if it's been designed with photoshop or if it's been designed by Ford themselves. It sure is a beautiful concept, I love the retro features on the Mustang. Everything from the custom hood to the cool chrome 10 spoke wheels. I'm usually not for two tone paint jobs, but the special green paint job goes great with the black paint job, very sweet concept Mustang.

Hot Chick Posing on Cobra R Mustang

Checkout this beautiful girl posing on this Cobra R Mustang. The 2000 Cobra R Mustang is one of my most favorite Mustangs ever made by Ford. The hot blond posing over the Mustang is gorgeous, what voluptuous curves! Nothing better then a hot chick posing over a muscle car.

Hot Chick Posing on Custom Green Mustang

I'm a big fan of hot chicks posing on muscle cars, this picture of a custom green Mustang with this beautiful asian chick is just awesome. Both girls have some amazing curves, nothing better then a hot chick posing on a Mustang muscle car. by the way, I love this body kit on the S197 Ford Mustang.

Carroll Shelby next to his Shelby GT500KR

Great picture of Carroll Shelby standing next to his Shelby GT500KR Mustang back in 2008. Carroll Shelby actually tested the muscle car out at the Ford proving grounds in Dearborn Michigan. At the time the GT500KR Mustang was making 550 horsepower, 10 more horsepower then the previous year. You could tell Shelby was very happy with his company's accomplishment.

Mustang Crash into GM Cadillac Dealership

If you have to crash your Ford Mustang, why not take out the competition while you're at it. This is what Mustang owner did when he rolled his yellow Mustang GT in Cadillac dealership taking out five brand new cars. Details haven't been released if the Mustang owner was drag racing or driving under the influence. All I know is, it takes a lot for you to roll a Ford Mustang, driver must of been going over 70mph.

Ford Wild Pony Project

Every year Ford comes out with an innovative Mustang at the SEMA show. Back in 2007 they came out with a very sweet Mustang dubbed the Mustang Wild Pony Project. What's makes this Mustang cool is the bold graphics, 20 inch chrome wheels and black sparkle paint job. Under the hood Ford Racing added a supercharger, cold air induction system, and matching sparkle black valve covers. It's one of Ford's most coolest custom Mustangs ever made.

2008 Saleen S281 RF Supercharged Mustang

Saleen Inc. introduced this S281 RF supercharged Mustang back in 2008. Only 100 units of the S281 RF Mustang were ever made. The S281 RF makes 465 horsepower and 425 pound feet of torque. What makes the custom Saleen Mustang so unique is the twin screw supercharged on the 4.6 liter V8 engine. All of this power and styling was priced at shade under $50k.

2008 Bullitt Mustang Picture

This is one of the most impressive pictures of the 2008 Bullitt Mustang, this was the unveiling picture of the Bullitt Mustang back in 2008. Only 7,700 of these Bullitt Mustangs were ever produced, set at a price of $31,075. What makes the Bullitt Mustang so unique is the ponyless grille and faux gas cap, plus it looks just like the original Bullitt Mustang from 1968.