Mustang Exhaust

1960s Golf Cart Mustang

Over the years I have seen some really cool recreations of Mustangs, this one of a golf cart Mustang takes the cake. This is just neato, I love the polished rims and the front end, this is just like the real classic Mustang from the 60s.

5.0L Mustang Converted to SL Mercedes Benz

This is amazingly crazy, some automotive enthusiast has decided to convert a 5.0L V8 Mustang into a SL Mercedes Benz droptop. While this isn't a project I would pick to do, it still is very impressive work. All the exterior body panels are made out of fiberglass. Even the convertible top has the Benz look, just incredible.

SLP Loud Mouth Mustang Exhaust

One of the most wicked exhaust systems to install on your Ford Mustang is by SLP. The Loud Mouth exhaust can be raspy a bit, but if you're just looking to impress with loudness, the SLP Loudmouth Exhaust is your best bet. And for $599, it's not a bad deal. The exhaust is stainless through and through too. Loud mouth is one of the best Mustang exhaust on the automotive market.

2011 Mustang GT with Flowmaster Exhaust

If you've been wonder what a flowmaster exhaust would sound like on a new 2011 Mustang exhaust, well you're in luck, we have a video of the Mustang exhaust on our site. Here it is, the video shows you the different between the stock Mustang exhaust and the new aftermarket exhaust by Flowmaster. The type of Flowmaster exhaust this Mustang owner went with is Flowmaster Hushpower axle back exhaust, I must say it sound pretty good.

Boss Mustang vs ZL1 Camaro Video

The last post I made I talked about the 1994 Boss Mustang made by legendary Mustang God John Coletti, well I found the video where the Boss Mustang raced against Chevy's ZL-1 Camaro. At one point I did own the Mustang, but eventually I lost it. This race was one of the coolest competitions Car & Driver ever did. The outcome was the 1994 Boss Mustang won.

John Coletti 1994 Boss Mustang

Remember the Car & Driver magazine where a Boss Mustang duked it out with a Camaro ZL-1. The edition was January 2000, Vol 45. Well here's the awesome Mustang Boss fromt the competition, under the hood is a 429 cubic engine making 855 horsepower and 790 pound feet of torque. The muscle car was so fast it was able to go 0-60mph in around 1.9 seconds, the 1/4 mile time was 10.55 seconds at 135mph. The Camaro was an awesome muscle car too, but it couldn't hold up to the Boss Mustang, the Camaro 1/4 mile time came in at 11.01 seconds.

Beautiful Yellow Fox Body Mustang

This is kind of an uncommon color you would see on a Fox Body Mustang, I must say the yellow paint job looks very sharp on the Fox Body Mustang. The custom hood with the hood scoops looks really cool, give the Mustang a very mean look to it. Good choice on rims too, always loved the Cobra R wheels. Cobra R wheels look great on a Fox Body Mustang, but I would of went with chrome Cobra R wheels on a yellow Fox Body Mustang.

2004 SVT Terminator Cobra Mustang

One of my favorite colors on the 03-04 SVT Cobra Mustangs is midnight blue. If you remember back in the day, the 2004 Mustang Cobra got the nickname "Terminator" because it would terminate any car that raced it. Stock the Terminator Cobra Mustang was making around 400 horsepower, after just a tune, exhaust, headers and aftermarket pulley. The Cobra Mustang could be making over 500 horsepower, impressive or what? I love these custom five spoke wheels on this Cobra Mustang.

1996 Mystic Cobra Mustang

Only 2000 of these 1996 Mustang Mystic Cobras were ever made. It's just a beautiful looking Mustang, the chrome wheels on the Mystic Cobras are so sweet. The muscle car was pretty fast for it's time too, the Mystic Cobra Mustang made 305 horsepower to the rear wheels and 300 pound feet of torque. It came in a 5 speed manual that manged to get this muscle car going 0-60mph in around 5.9 seconds. The 1/4 mile drag racing time was 13.7 seconds, very impressive for a 1990s muscle car. I wonder how fast it would be if you added a Vortech supercharger.

Race Car Mustang with Slicks

This is a bad ass race car Mustang, I love the motto on the Mustang rear, "have you chased a Ford lately." Man I can't believe how big the tires are on this Mustang, those slicks are huge! Checkout the cool wheelie bars on back of the Mustang too. I bet this Mustang race car is able to 9 seconds in the 1/4 mile, maybe in the 8s.