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Saleen Molly Pop Mustang

Steve Saleen built this pink custom Saleen Mustang for his daughter Molly, they have nicknamed the muscle car Molly Pop Mustang. And it looks just like a lolly pop, like you want to go up to the Mustang and lick it. The pink is just so luscious looking! Steve Saleen also added a supercharger to the Mustang for a 475 horsepower upgrade. Although the Molly Pop doesn't have the full Extreme 550 horsepower rating, it still is quite enough horsepower for a young lady. Other great enhancements and modifications include 20" forged 5 spoke wheels, carbon fiber front splitter, and shorter gearing. Although the Saleen Molly Pop Mustang looks quite girly like, it still packs a punch compared to any other muscle car or exotic sports car. Do not underestimage the Molly Pop Mustang!